Environmental matters are
a high priority for our organization

For us, responsible action means constant awareness of environmental loads and actively trying to minimize them.

Nornickel Harjavalta’s goal is to continuously increase energy efficiency and improve waste recycling. In addition, we are committed to monitoring environmental emissions, reducing emission to air and water and minimizing disturbances.

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Constant deveploment

We have replaced heavy fuel oil and SBP gasoline with liquefied natural gas and bioenergy. The steam boiler, completed in 2016, will significantly reduce fossil carbon dioxide emissions.

Efficient utilization of raw materials helps us reduce the waste generated in the process. In addition to cobalt and nickel, we also collect other metals for processing, including copper and various precious metals.

The most significant tipped process reject that we have not yet found a use for is iron precipitate.

We are yearly participating in various measurement projects and environmental research work  to monitor the state of the environment and the effects of our activities  on water, air and vegetation.