Collaboration and well-being in Satakunta

A responsible company also takes into account the impact of its actions on society and various stakeholders. Nornickel Harjavalta is committed to developing the well-being of Satakunta.


We engage in diverse co-operation with different organizations. Key sponsorship areas include co-operation with schools and researchers and support for local co-operation activities. 50% of the sponsorship funds used each year by the company are invested in regional and national projects through education and 50% in regional, personnel and residential wellbeing. Through local co-operation we want to support associations, clubs or events that, by their actions, improve regional well-being. 

Educational co-operation sparks interest in future professions

We have a long history of co-operation with schools. Our aim is to spark interest towards the natural sciences in children and young people. We provide students at different levels of education with information about different jobs and working life.

We visit schools, and groups of students often visit our facilities to learn more about our company.

“We want to support research and education through co-operation with schools.”

Academic co-operation as a source of innovations

Supporting professional excellence is an important part of Nornickel Harjavalta’s responsible business activities.

Through co-operation, we build our corporate and employer image and help train our employees for future needs. Every year we hire several engineering students to carry out research related to e.g. process and chemical engineering.

In addition to thesis and diploma work, research co-operation is carried out with different universities. Nornickel Harjavalta can act as a co-financer in the projects.

Are you interested in educational or academic co-operation with Nornickel Harjavalta?

Sponsorship application period

We make sponsorship decisions once a year. Sponsorship applications for 2023 have been processed. Sponsorship applications for 2024 must be submitted by December 31st, 2023. 

For the accepted co-operation agreements, a written sponsorship agreement is signed between the two parties. Our partners must share a common set of values as responsible supporters of community wellbeing.

Applying for a sponsorship

Sponsorship support is applied for by filling in the application by e-mail to We will read the applications after the end of the application period and announce the decision by the end of January.


The application should include the following information:

  • Basic information about the proposed co-operation project

  • The goal of the activities and a brief description

  • The visibility / other benefits gained by the sponsor

  • The sponsorship sum you are requesting and the duration of the co-operation

  • Contact person

  • Other partners, if there are any