Business guided by values

Our values guide our everyday business and work activities in Harjavalta. They inspire us to work together throughout the production chain and help us react to challenges and changes in our operating environment.

We want to be a responsible company that people can trust in the long term, and we want to develop ourselves and our environment every day. All development is based on learning something new and applying it to what we already knew.

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Existing alongside the whole Group’s production chain, there is an unbroken value chain, consisting of the following values:

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We maintain the profitability of our business operations. We fulfil our obligations and commitments towards each other and our stakeholder groups.

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Occupational safety and health, environmental matters and compliance with regulations are central to our operations.

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We commit to long-term goals and adapt to our changing operating environment. We modernize, implement and develop technologies.

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We achieve good results through the best practices, the latest technology and our qualified staff. We minimize the environmental impact of our natural resource use.



To us, expertise means continuous development. Professional behaviour at the workplace includes caring about safety and the environment.

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Co-operation means solving problems while respecting others. Our co-operation is based on openness and good communication.